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For Authors:

The Evangelical Review of Theology and Politics welcomes submissions from authors. If accepted all submissions should be published online within 6-8 weeks, as PDF files.

The author will be notified by e-mail when the submission is published.

Original Articles
TER Forum (by invitation)
Conference Papers
Book Reviews
Review Articles
Research Updates


To submit an article, review article, or book review, or enquire about the publication of conference papers, please submit by email, as an attachment.

Note submissions will not be returned:
you must keep a copy of you submission file on your computer, or a print-out.

N.B. if you have a prearranged agreement to write a particular review with Dr Stephen Vantassel,
please liaise with Stephen re., submission of your book review.

For book reviews and review articles see FOR REVIEWERS.

In the case of conference papers – which can be published online to coincide with the conference – use the form below to enquire about the possibility of publishing the papers; do not attach anything at this stage.

For guidance and word count see–

All submissions are subject to peer review
and editorial acceptance or rejection.

Prospective authors can submit in a variety of style/formats but if accepted we will ask the author to reformat the article according to our
in-house author style guide



All submissions to be submitted as an attachment (MS Word file) to an email sent to the editor Calvin L. Smith

To submit your manuscript, please attach to an email sent to:

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The Evangelical Review

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All submissions to include the following information

Please include in the email the following information (failure to include this information may delay the processing of your submission)––

Your name should NOT appear on the manuscript itself, as this will be sent out for blind review.

We accept .doc, .docx and .rtf documents.

calvin AT kingsdivinity.org

(replacing AT with the @ symbol)